Places to Visit.

We can take you to New York City, the second capitol of the United States; Washington, D. C., the Fourth Capitol of the United States; Baltimore, home of The National Aquarium and the Inner Harbor- both "Must Sees"; Atlantic City for Fun (casinos) and Sun; or to any New Jersey Shore Point. We can also arrange Personal Tours of each of these cities for you.

For a virtual tour of Philadelphia please click here. This is a great I can take you to any of these historical sites.

Valley Forge, Pennsylvania is just 25 miles from Center City Philadelphia. Rolling hills, old cabins some of which are original, hundreds of deer, Washington’s Headquarters etc. are found here. It was here that General Washington with the help of General Baron Von Steuben (who was NOT a General, nor a Baron) whipped the troops into a strong and discipline Army.

Washington’s Crossing, Pennsylvania. On December 25, 1776, General Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River to attack the German Mercenaries and did so with great success. Every Christmas day at 8:00 am there is a re-enactment of this great event. I have attended this event twice. Washington Crossing

Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The fort that saved America is next to the Philadelphia International Airport. You can see blacksmiths at work here, as well as tour the walls of the fort, and the interior. As typical of the forts at that time it is star shaped…Six Pointed Star that is. Fort Mifflin

There are simply too many Historical Places in Philadelphia and the surrounding area to list here. Call me if you do not see what you are interested in. 215.327.5413.

Some Interesting Facts and Places

There are many things to see here in City of Brotherly Love to include Memorial Hall; it was during the Centennial Celebrations of 1876 that Alexander Graham Bell gave his first public display of the telephone. Would you like to see the mansion that the United States White House was modeled after? It is here in Philadelphia.

Benedict Arnold owed a mansion in Philly, years later it was sold to the first Commandant of West Point Military Academy….interesting point ,it was at West Point that General Arnold betrayed George Washington.

By the way the first slave in the Delaware Valley (consisting of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware States) was named Anthony. I can take you to the place where the Sale of Slaves took place in Philly. Yes, there were slaves in the North at one time.

Here in Philadelphia we have the oldest working bridge in the country. It was built in 1697 as part of the King's Highway. It was built to support horses and carts…yet today it supports Buses and 18 Wheel Trucks. Now that is some serious construction.

If you fly into the Philadelphia International Airport, it was on this site that the Hoagie was invented…Ask me how that came to be.

If you have wondered why Ben Franklin never made a dime off of any of his inventions be it: a better city oil lamp, to swimming fins, to Day Light Saving Time, to bifocals, to even attaching his wife's rocking chair to a butter churn so she can rock, sew and make butter at the same time, to the Franklin Stove, I can tell you. As a matter of fact Ben Franklin shared all of his inventions FREELY, except for one…ask me about that. And I can go on and on about Ben Franklin. By the way I will take you to his print shop and you can see how a 1700's Printing Press worked and even buy PRINTS from his shop.

Our City Hall is larger than the U. S. Capitol building. The Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is the most sought out attraction in Philly. I promise you, if you go there, within 5 minutes someone will run up the step, extend their hands in the air and bounce as Rocky did over 30 years ago. The Rocky Statue from the movie Rocky III is located here as well.

The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Carpenter's Hall, The First Post Office started by Ben Franklin and is still in operation this day (which by the way is the ONLY United States Post Office that has never, does not now, nor ever fly an American flag…ask me why) and The Betsy Ross's house are all located in the Philadelphia Historic Area. Betsy Ross not only sewed our first flag, she lost two husbands in the War of Independence….and financially convinced General Washington that the American flag should have a 5 and not a 6 pointed star…I'll explain that later as well as to Why the stars in the Betsy Ross flag were aligned in an oval as oppose to straight up and down and across.

You can visit America's Oldest Residential Street, Elfreth's Alley. Ben Franklin's home, print shop and grave. The Baptismal Font of William Penn resides in Philly as a gift from the Church of England to America. The First Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is here. Philadelphia was AMERICA'S First and Third Capitol…As a matter of fact Independence Hall served as our City Hall, our State's Capitol, The U.S. Capitol and the first Home of the our Supreme Court…all at the same time.

I can go on and on about Franklin, True Ghost Stories, Historical Facts, and Very Interesting and Novel Stories about Philadelphia. You can visit the oldest Water Pumping House in America built in 1812, the same year as the War Of 1812. If you think Central Park is big or interesting…wait to you see our Park system. It is the largest Municipal Park System in the world; some areas extend close to 15 miles long.

By the way, George Washington was NOT the First President of the United States. Ask me about that and I will explain it to you.