Now this is a real experience in itself. During the Vietnam War we lost 59,000 American in 9 years? In this 2 and half day battle over 51,000 American's died. Few tourist sites are like this. You can see the hotel Lincoln stayed at, the train station he arrived in. The first cannon fired during this battle, the spot where General Armistead and General Meade died. You talk about monuments.......Gettysburg has to be the king of monuments. Everywhere you look you will see tons of them. The monuments alone are extremely impressive.

President Eisenhower retired at Gettysburg and his house is open for tours as well.

We will also go into the one of the best if NOT the best Civil War museums in the world. You will actually see General Robert E. Lee’s general stars, weapons, tents, uniforms, cannons and much much more.