Lunch and Dinner

I only recommend two places to eat while in Philadelphia, Geno's Steaks and City Tavern. Eating lunch or dinner at either one of these places is a great option. You will be happy about the price and the quality of the food.

Surely you have heard of the world famous Philadelphia Steak Sandwich. Never order one in any sit down restaurant because it will be a disappointment in taste, quality and a waste of your money. Geno's is the place to go. Everyone is welcomed here except Illegal Aliens. No kidding, he even has a sign posted at his establishment stating such. Geno's Steaks.

You can find a Ruth's Chris Steak House in many cities, and you can find great seafood …BUT if you want to enjoy your Tour of Philadelphia History, then there is only one place I recommend. HERE in Philadelphia resides City Tavern, City Tavern, the tavern where Ben Franklin first met John Adams. It was here that Madison, Monroe, Franklin, Washington and many others discussed "The Business of Independence and War." Paul Revere rode to this spot to bring the news of the British Invasion of Boston. If you want to eat a meal that Ben Franklin, President and Mrs. Washington ate…then this is the ONLY PLACE IN ALL THE WORLD that you can. I suggest you come and eat where Our Great Founding Fathers ate and eat what they ate. The menu is much the same as it was in 1776. The servers wear colonial clothing, and the ambiance is perfect, wooden floors, candles on the tables, and pewter goblets, all taking you back in time.

Of course you can eat at any Steak or Seafood House in Philadelphia, and I will gladly recommend the best...but realize you are in Philadelphia, the birthplace of our Country so Participate in American History! Eat at the City Tavern. Philadelphia is a city of Traditions, Participate in our Philly Traditions eat at Geno's Steaks.