Our Equipment

We offer bikes for rent. All bikes custom fit for each rider, kids through adult. Baby seats and pull behind baby trailers are available.

We will have the bikes delivered either to your hotel, or to any designed location of your choice, on the date and time that you wish. All bikes are highly maintained to ensure the greatest of riding pleasures possible. Each bike rented will have an attached water bottle.

Philadelphia Personal Tours doesn't own the bikes, we affiliate ourselves with a local bike shop that I personally recommend and have been a customer of theirs since 1970. Interesting enough the name of the shop fits in well with Colonial America. The name is Liberty Bell Bicycle. Check out their web site: Liberty Bell Bicycle

Where to ride and what to see!!!

You have heard of New York’s Central Park, its 843 acres. Our park, Fairmount Park is over 9,200 acres. Fairmount Park

Things to see here: The first site to you will visit will be the Philadelphia Art Museum, made famous when Rocky ran up all 72 steps. Rocky’s foot prints are on the top of the steps, his statue is located at the bottom. There is always a line of people waiting to have their picture taken next to The Rocky Statue.

Benedict Arnold’s Mount Pleasant mansion, along with about 15 other mansions, most dating back to the Pre-Revolution Era are located inside the park.

Lemon Hill Mansion, built by Founding Father Robert Morris, it is this mansion that the United States White House is designed after.

Memorial Hall, served as an exhibit building for the first ever World’s Fair which coincided with America’s 100th birthday celebration in 1876. It was in this building Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated his new invention for the first time to the public…the invention, the telephone.

One of America’s largest Civil War Memorial is about a two minute bike ride away from Memorial Hall. This monument is fascinating not just for historical appeal but for acoustical reasons as well. Ask me about that when we tour the park.

We have a beautiful Japanese house and water garden inside the park located right next to the Horticultural Center. The Japanese house was a gift from Japan to the American people for America’s 100th birthday part in 1876. The Horticultural Center was built for an exhibit for the World’s Fair.

There are miles of roads to peddle with in the park. On the weekends from 1 April to 1 November a four mile road within the park that runs along the beautiful Schuylkill River is closed off to vehicle traffic and opened up for biking, rollerblading, walking, running and skateboarding.

On the weekends as you bike you can rest along the river, under a tree or on the side lines of just about every American and European sport games. Football, baseball, soccer, ruby, cricket and even Frisbee Golf, are all played in the park.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to biking inside Fairmount Park. There is so much more to see, learn and discover here.

One thing is for certain, biking in Philadelphia is adventurous, interesting, fun and a great form of exercise.

You can either take a bike tour/ride by yourself or we will gladly accompany you around. Having a guide accompany you will be to your great advantage as they know the park, its history, its routes and the locations of all of the great sites.

The park is very safe and patrolled often by the Philadelphia Police.

Due to the amount of traffic and safety issues, we do not offer any bike tours in the Historical area of Philadelphia. We do not recommend riding bikes in the heart of the city, nor in any traffic or unsafe areas.