I can take you to an Amish Farm and house that was converted into a museum by the Amish. This farm dates back to the 1700's. You will be able to go into the house see how they convert the house to a church, you will see thier clothing, the kitchen, a few bedrooms and even a Amish coffin. On the farm there are many demonstrations with wood carving, a one room school house (whose desk get larger as you go to the rear of the class to accommodate the students getting bigger), ring the school bell. This place is Amazing. As a matter of fact part of the movie "Witness” which is about a little Amish boy who witnesses a murder in Philadelphia was filmed here due to its authenticity. I can even arrange for you to enjoy a horse and buggy ride....by a real Amish man. After the tour of the house we will ride around and depending on the time of the year it is we can see the Amish working their fields with mules, riding buggies around, visit some of their farms where they sell sundry items. The whole Amish tour is just fantastic, making for a most interesting day.

Plus we will go and see my Amish friend Henry as well as his family. His little boy Gideon will bring out their mini horse for you to pet. This will give you a RARE opportunity to literally intermingle with the Amish first hand…you will love this.